Retina Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment for Diabetes

All diabetic patients should have a yearly eye examination by a qualified eye care provider. Diabetes causes damage to the retina, the thin layer that lines the back of the eye and acts like the movie screen inside the eye. Without treatment, some patients experience reduced vision or blindness.

Laser treatment of the retina can successfully prevent blindness in patients who have mild or moderate damage to the retina. The laser treatment is done in the office, and you can go back to normal activities as soon as the treatment is finished.

Laser Treatment for Retinal Tears

If you experience a tear in the retina, you may notice flashes of light and/or new floaters in the vision. If untreated, retinal tears can lead to retinal detachment and blindness. If your doctor detects a retinal tear on examination, they may recommend laser treatment to ‘spot-weld’ the tear in place before it can lead to a detachment. Laser treatment for tears is performed in the office.


Photo courtesy of the National Eye Institute

Retina with laser treatment

Retina after laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy