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Patient Testimonials

"The Front Office Staff greeted me warmly and made every effort to accommodate my crazy schedule! Thank you!"
Risa Murray, Atlanta
Clinical Patient
"Customer service was excellent! They were prompt and very professional!"
Melinda Stevenson, Atlanta
Clinical Patient
"Everyone was AWESOME! Extremely professional."
Charlotte Speer, Riverdale
Clinical Patient
"Excellent, professional and friendly service."
Sonia Chaivez, Riverdale
Clinical Patient
"Dr. Nguyen is extraordinary, she is the best I have ever met in her craft. She is truly a professional."
Diane Douglas, Atlanta
Clinical Patient
"Great service by all! I will recommend to all I know."
William Jenkins, Riverdale,
Clinical Patient
"I appreciate you Dr. Nassar and the staff for their great work. Thank You."
Sharon Judsor, Atlanta
Clinic Patient

"The entire staff is rated #1 to me, never have I gone to any doctors office with such superb staff."
Thelma Bradley, Atlanta
Clinic Patient

"Great visit, very detailed in explaining information. Dr. King was great! Very caring."
Nicole Frazier, Atlanta
Clinic Patient

"When I called to make an appointment this morning due to an eye issue, the receptionist couldn't have been more helpful. She made sure I got in the same day to see the doctor!"
Pat Austin, Atlanta
Clinic Patient
"Great and friendly staff. Doctors are very knowledgeable and explained what I didn't understand."
Anonymous, Atlanta
Clinic Patient

"This is a wonderful staff. I love them. Everyone always treats and greets me with professional and warm service. Dr. Nassar is a great doctor."
Mary Campbell, Atlanta
Clinic Patient

"I just love Dr. Dao Nguyen, she was so nice to me and my daughter."
Laverne Hill, Riverdale,
Clinical Patient

"Everyone was very polite, knowledgeable and I highly recommend them."
Juanita Riddick, Riverdale,
Clinical Patient

"This is a wonderful crew, I love the service that I received from everyone."
Helen Jones, Atlanta
Clinical Patient

"I had a great experience. The crew was loving and caring for my needs and my kids."
Lateka Williams, Riverdale
Clinical Patient

"Great experience, the doctor and nurses were excellent with their care and answered all my questions. "
Loretta Milton, Riverdale
Clinical Patient

"I have nothing but good to say about Dr. Nassar and his practice. "
Shilda Woods, Atlanta
Clinical Patient

"Very good experience with Dr. Nassar. "
Larry Uptain, Atlanta
Cataract Patient

"I see Dr. Nassar and I am very pleased with the medical attention he has given me. I recommend him highly."
Leila Jolly, Jonesboro
Clinical Patient

"The office staff are efficient, capable and kind. The doctors are professional and personable. I enjoy coming here and I trust in their care."
Delores Wallace, Atlanta
Clinical Patient

"The entire staff is great, very good customer service."
William Scott, Atlanta
Clinical Patient
"Excellent service from the front desk to the doctor."
Betty Stinson, Atlanta,
Clinical Patient
"Excellent service! Worth the wait time. Dr. Nassar treated me like an important person and not a number or source of income."
Clinical Patient
"Dr. Nassar did an amazing job on my cataract surgery. I am seeing 20/20 again for the first time in 40 years."
Laymarie Hauffa, College Park
Cataract Patient
"Wonderful results from cataract surgery, ReSTOR lens is great. Should have had it done sooner!"
Shirley Cockrum, Hapeville
Cataract Patient
"I am thrilled that my vision has improved. Dr. Nassar was very nice and friendly!"
Glynn Barnett, Atlanta
Cataract Patient
"On my first visit I had trouble seeing, after surgery I can see 20/20! Dr. Nassar did a beautiful job, I am very pleased."
Vickie Weaver,Atlanta
Cataract Patient
"Dr. Nassar is an excellent doctor. He gave me my sight back!"
Lesia Poole, College Park
Clinical Patient
"When I first came in my vision was poor, Dr. Nassar performed laser procedures and now my vision is back! Dr. Nassar did a wonderful job."
Felix Hughes, Austell
Clinical Patient, 05/29
"We were very pleased with the excellent way our appointment was handled!"
Eula, Jennifer, & Ashley Brown, Decatur
Clinical Patients
"My appointment was such a pleasant experience. From checking in to checking out the visit was very informative, pleasant, and calming."
Mabel Jones-Allen, Atlanta
Clinical Patient
"I was amazed at my results after cataract surgery!" I will refer my friends to Dr. Nassar."
Jeanne Brumlow,Riverdale
Cataract Patient
"I think this is a wonderful establishment, I was very impressed!"
DeMesha Bodie, Atlanta
Clinical Patient
"I would highly recommend Dr. Nassar! I have had two cataract surgeries and I am very pleased."
Linda Arrieta, Cataract Patient, McDonough
"After lasik surgery I went from seeing 20/100 to 20/15! The procedure was quick, painless, short and well worth it."
LeQuarmie Carter, Atlanta
Lasik Patient
"Thank God for Dr. Nassar, I had blurry vision and now I see color clearly!"
Bobbie Wykoff, Jonesboro
Cataract Patient
"My surgery went excellent. I am very satisfied with how it turned out."
Be Van Truong, Atlanta
Cataract Patient
"I was legally blind in my right eye; now after cataract surgery I can see everything so clearly!"
Beverly Witherspoon, East Point
Cataract Patient
"This eye clinic is very professional; the service was great and convenient."
Patricia Jackson, Union City
Clinical Patient
"I am very satisfied and grateful to Dr. Nassar and his staff for what they have done for my eye sight. I could barely see before and now I can!"
Rosa Adams, Atlanta
Cataract Patient, 08/10
"My daughter was made to feel very comfortable at her appointment; I thank Dr. Nassar so much."
Ms. Hightower, Atlanta
Clinical Patient
"The staff is very knowledgeable and professional!"
Wanda Carter, Fairburn
Clinical Patient
"I can see clearly now. I wore glasses since the age of 10 and now I am 50+ and I am glasses free."
Daria Douglas, Fairburn
"I really like the clinic. The procedures are great and I like the larger variety of glasses you have."
–Jasmine Ford, Atlanta
Clinic Patient
"Excellent customer service, from the sign-in process, examination (2 separate departments), and check-out!"
Marcia Webb-Hayes, Jonesboro
Clinic Patient
"Great staff. Lovely. I really enjoyed everything."
Melodie Henry, Jonesboro
Clinic Patient
"Great Doc & support staff!"
Helen Brown, Atlanta
Clinic Patient
"Great customer service. Everyone was very friendly, courteous and polite."
Michelle Caldwell, Riverdale
Clinic Patient
"Everyone was wonderful, from the front desk to everyone in the back office."
Cassie Knighten, Jonesboro
Clinic Patient
"Your service was great and I enjoy speaking with Dr. Nassar and his staff."
Antonio Patton, Atlanta
Clinic Patient
"I really enjoyed my experience: exam, wait, choosing glasses, etc. Everyone was both helpful and pleasant. I would definitely recommend my friends/ associates to Eye Specialists of GA."
Angela Adgers, East Point
Clinic Patient
"Everyone was very professional. They treated the whole family and we are very pleased."
Angela Quirke, Atlanta
Clinic Patient
"We are very impressed with the professional service rendered by all professional and staff personnel."
Amos and Juliette McCann, East Point
Clinic Patients
"Great atmosphere. Great doctor. Thank you."
Norman Anthony, Atlanta
Clinic Patient

"Everyone was very nice, respectful and helpful. I’ll always come here."
Taylor Benford, Atlanta
Clinic Patient

"Everything is and was great today!"
Sheronda Parker, East Point
Clinic Patient
"Always so courteous and helpful, and I love the care and concern for their patients."
Robbin Redmon, Atlanta
Clinic Patient
"Very good. Love it."
Orville Mitchell, Decatur
Clinic Patient
"I love it!"
Jerry Gandy, Fayetteville
"I could hardly see out of my left eye before Dr. Nassar operated on me. Now I see very well. I can read the entire eye chart. Thank you so much."
Colie P. Hood, Atlanta,
Cataract Surger
"I felt so comfortable and am very grateful. This was the best money I’ve ever spent!"
Benjamin Davis, Atlanta
"I am very pleased with the work that was done on my eye and everyone was so nice, especially the doctor and the assistant. Thank you very much!"
Lena Pope, Atlanta
Cataract Surgery
"I love the service that you give. Thanks!"
Jada Jackson, Atlanta
Clinic Patient
"My visit was a pleasant experience. Dr. Nassar offered me kindness, support, and encouragement in addition to excellent professional service."
Zoe Miller, College Park
Clinic Patient
"You have the best doctor in Atlanta and very good customer service skills."
Shanika Fambro, Atlanta
Clinic Patient
"My wife was crying all evening. She could not believe how well she could see after LASIK surgery. Since the age of 3 she has always had to wear glasses. Now she is glasses free. Thank you Dr. Nassar."
Kenneth Massey & Wife, Douglasville

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